The New Maconi “Bones” Racing Glove by Abruzzi Racewear


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Gloves are available in both Internal and external stitching

New feel! If you are familiar with our gloves, we are using the same fabric type except it’s now lighter and softer.

  • Classic Abruzzi design you’ve come to trust
  • A Double stitched outside seam or Internally stitched for a smooth look
  • Pre-curved fingers for a better fit
  • Comfortable, soft feel, stretchy, high grip
  • Outer shell: Polyester | Palm side: Nylon
  • Made for Karting and Sim Racing (Not fire retardant)
  • Comes with custom reusable protective pouch

Care & Washing:

Caution! Remove gloves slowly after each use. Excessive pulling and stretching of the gloves will cause the stitching to tear.

We recommend you hand wash your gloves with detergent and hang dry them as well. You can also machine wash on cold and delicate. NO tumble dry.


  • The gloves are designed to give you the best comfort while holding the wheel.
  • The outside stitching gets rid of the uncomfortable feeling of fabric digging into your fingers.
  • The strong grip on the palms and the pre-curved fingers will give you optimal control of the wheel and the thumb and forefinger have the touchpad so you can use your cell phones and more! All without having to remove your gloves.
  • Prevents wear and tear on your wheel (sweat/moisture from bare hands).
  • The custom design will definitely make you stand out.
  • Bonus? With a pair of new Maconi Setup Shop Gloves, you might pick up 2 tenths of a second on your competitors!

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