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Abruzzi Full Custom Printed Gloves

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The Blade

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Lazer Lines

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Devils Eye

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Grafitti Stars

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The New “Maconi Coral” Racing Glove by Abruzzi Racewear

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The New Maconi “Pipework” Racing Glove by Abruzzi Racewear

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Maconi Setup Shop Boots – Yellow/Black

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Maconi Setup Shop Boots – Yellow

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Maconi Setup Shop Boots – Black

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I can not give enough good words to the quality of the gloves I ordered from Abruzzi. The process to getting them was easy and resulted in me getting the exact glove I wanted. I’m so pleased with them that just before I wrote this review, I placed an order for a new design. Order your sim/kart wear from Abruzzi with 100% confidence!

Brandon Harrison

As soon as i got them i put them on and WOW they are comfortable! They look very nice also. Everything feels smooth on the inside and everything grips to the surface. I tried them on sim racing and they feel good. These are perfect if you are not looking for custom wear. Tried them on Kart also and they fit perfect. The fact that these feel so comfortable and yet so durable blows my mind. Very pleased with product.

Manny Pena

Amazing gloves – went through a few design options with Judd and finally decided on this one. Judd worked with me to incorporate my custom logo into the design. Longer than anticipated wait time for them to arrive (most likely due to Covid stuff) but well worth the wait. Gloves fit and feel amazing. A great custom addition to my setup. Super work guys !

Stephen Chapman

Extremely happy with my custom gloves for sim racing. Want to thank Judd from the US side for answering my questions in regards to the order status. Great customer service and I’ll be nerding out and getting some boots to see if it will make my sim racing experience feel even better as I just use barefeet.

Thomas Repp

When I found a need to use boots and gloves for my sim racing, I used a pair of 25 year old boots that were my dads, and went through 3 different pair of gloves before I made the decision to go with Abruzzi. My initial plan was to have something that would keep delivering my message while I concentrated on becoming a better driver. When I reached out to Abruzzi, I started working directly with the team doing the work and the communication was far beyond what I expected. I gave Iain a theme and from the first mock-up the design was ready to go. Receiving the product made me feel like a little kid, opening up my own branded racing glove and boots and a childhood dream of somehow becoming a racing driver happened. I work from home and usually jump between the computer and sim and the boots can stay on all day with zero discomfort. A really cool thing with the gloves too is that using the mock-up it makes it easy to transfer the design into the sim which for a few minutes of work, put a huge smile on my face seeing my pit crew wearing Abruzzi gear too! The gear is also true to size which gives me the confidence to continue using these products as often times I cannot try on before purchasing. The relationship between Abruzzi and I plays a big roll in my motivation to continue as there is finally a group of individuals making a product directly for sim racers and I’m proud to be able to play my part in supporting Abruzzi Racewear.

Jose Cabrera

I am very happy with my new custom gear from Abruzzi Racewear USA. From the very start I was impressed with my designers concepts and professionalism. After exchanging many different design drafts, I found the perfect one!

I am really excited to be using these gloves as I break more World Records.

Just received my gear

First impressions

1. Quality of product is fantastic.

2. The new glove material and grips are very impressive. The gloves fit perfect.

3. The boots are super light feeling and very very comfortable. With these boots it will allow me to Heel toe more aggressively as well as slamming the clutch 😉

High quality products, Amazing Customer Service, Fantastic employees!

I recommend Abruzzi Racewear USA 100%

Joshua Campfield